Building the NExt Generation OJT Toolkit

What is OJT?

On-the-job training (OJT) is a training strategy that the workforce investment system can offer local employers and job seekers. This strategy is particularly important during the current economic environment. OJT puts unemployed workers back to work earning a wage while receiving training. Even better, employers can be reimbursed for the costs associated with training this new employee.

Why is OJT Important?

With many employers still reluctant to hire new staff and many skilled individuals facing extended unemployment, OJT is experiencing a resurgence. It can get job seekers back to work and train them to meet employer needs. This also allows people to continue to draw a paycheck while learning new skills. Both employees and employers can see the benefit from day one.

Target Audience?

The OJT Toolkit is developed for state workforce agencies and local OJT providers who are beginning or looking to strengthen their OJT. OJT providers include entities that directly administer OJT.

Purpose of the Toolkit

The OJT Toolkit provides you with customizable OJT templates and forms including outreach materials, contracts, and monitoring documents. Further, OJT Toolkit documents allow you to quickly and efficiently implement OJT in your area.

How to Get Started

Use the OJT Tools and Related Resources menus to navigate the site and learn how to implement OJT in your area.

Related Resources

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